Custom Engineering

A Team of Technical Experts

Off-the-shelf components sometimes can’t perform the diagnostics or measurements you need or precisely suit the applications or environments you’re exploring.

We can help.

Sydor’s team of technical experts can help determine your requirements and design custom solutions that meet your application’s needs. This is especially powerful for single-shot experiments where off-the-shelf designs are not fine-tuned for your specific uses. This is a key motivator for Sydor’s approach to streak camera design. Many other streak camera manufacturers offer pre-set timing modules- where the acquired image is set to be captured within a particular temporal window. In reality, the window of interest might not fall perfectly within that pre-set window. To ensure no data is lost, Sydor’s timing modules are designed after thorough consultation with the customer and in-depth discussions about the intended application.

A Customer-Centric Approach

This customer-centric approach is not only applied to our family of streak cameras, but is also reflected in our design of Diamond Beam Position Monitors, Photek detectors, and more. Each of these products is built-to-order with multiple customization options available.

Inevitably there are circumstances where our standard options may not be suitable for your application. Our solution engineers will go above and beyond to research any alternative solutions that might be more suitable.

There have been instances where a product is required but the market lacks a commercial solution. Sydor’s team is constructed of thought-leaders. We have the power to take ideas and turn them into a manufactured product. Contact us with any special requests and we will do our best to assess our ability to produce a product that meets your requirements.