Sydor to Help Accelerate the Launch of Circle Optics’ Hydra Camera

ROCHESTER, N.Y., [MARCH 29, 2021] ‒ Sydor Technologies, a leading global provider of advanced x-ray detectors and diagnostic instrumentation for critical science missions and fundamental research, has reached an agreement with Circle Optics, a pioneer in the creation of wide field-of-view, parallax-free camera systems which use a patented method of aligning polygonal lens systems with polygonal fields-of-view to produce 360° panoramas at the speed of light. Sydor will provide its commercial engineering expertise to accelerate production of Circle Optics’ Hydra, the world’s first stitch-less 360° camera. Sydor’s expertise in electro-optical systems design and assembly will help accelerate Circle Optics’ time to market for the Hydra system.

Providing Engineering Expertise

With the recent addition to their direct x-ray detector portfolio with its acclaimed Mixed Mode Pixel Array Detector (MM-PAD), Sydor once again demonstrates its strength in translating state-of-the-art technology into the delivery of commercially viable, complex instruments – exactly what drives the collaboration with Circle Optics. Michael Pavia, CEO, Sydor Technologies remarked, “Think about it. Zero-parallax. Zero-stitching. Cinematic quality. No costly post-processing. Patented technology. Add our multi-discipline engineering expertise, and together, Sydor and Circle Optics have the potential to disrupt the creation of immersive content in several markets.”

Composed of 11 adjoining systems, Hydra is the world’s first seamless 360° camera which produces a composite panorama in real-time without “stitching” or other post-processing. By removing the burden of “stitching”, Hydra’s optics free up processing power to run edge AI processes such as object detection, tracking, and data analytics. Reflecting on the agreement Zakariya Niazi, CEO, of Circle Optics says, “We are really excited to work with a company with the expertise and reputation of Sydor Technologies. Together with our Opto-Mechanical expertise and Sydor’s Electro-Optical capabilities, I believe we can create disruptive technologies for the future of immersive imaging.”

About Sydor Technologies

Sydor Technologies is a global leader providing complex measurement solutions that generate critical results for the world’s most advanced applications in the defense, energy, ballistics, security, space, and research industries. Established in 2004, Sydor Technologies is headquartered in Rochester, NY and supplies systems and support in over 33 countries. For additional information, please visit

About Circle Optics

Circle Optics, Inc. is a Delaware Benefit Corporation founded in 2017 and headquartered in Rochester, NY. Circle Optics develops high-resolution, wide field-of-view (180-360°) imaging systems that eliminate the need for the time-consuming, error-prone, insecure, and expensive “stitching” process required by other multicamera systems to achieve wide field-of-view capture. This technology will result in cost reduction for many high-resolution video applications across the entertainment, aerospace, and defense sectors. In June 2019, Circle Optics was one of the winners of funding from the NextCorps’ Luminate Accelerator. To date, Circle has been awarded 5 SBIR/STTRs for a total of more than $650,000 from agencies including the US Air Force, NSF, and NASA. For more information, please visit