Biological & Chemiluminescence Imaging

Chemiluminescence Imaging has been a critical research method, enabling a close look into the inner workings of cells and organisms.

Image acquired using Photek's HRPCS
Image acquired using Photek’s HRPCS

Photek’s detectors are globally recognized for their high sensitivity, fast performance, and spatial resolution. Photek’s fully integrated camera systems are staple in every laboratory running chemiluminescence tests. Intensifiers and integrated camera solutions allow for single-photon counting with the utmost sensitivity.

Camera systems can be supplied with relevant accessories such as dark boxes, light boxes, sample stages, cooling solutions, temperature controllers, and more.

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Biological & Chemiluminescence Imaging Products

  • Photek High Resolution Photon Counting System (HRPCS)


    Photek’s HRPCS photon counting camera systems are unique; they provide the ability to capture and image in real time. These systems are ideal for extremely low photon emission applications such...

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  • Photek Image Photon Detector

    Image Photon Detector

    The Photek Image Photon Detector (IPD) is based on a true single-photon counting sensor that uniquely provides simultaneous position and timing information for each detected photon. After collecting data, the...

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  • Photek iCMOS160


    The Photek iCMOS160 represents the latest advancements in high speed intensified imaging. Photek’s iCMOS 160 performs at market-leading rates of 160 frames per second at full resolution. Combined with the...

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