Velocity Measurement Systems

A cross-functional suite of velocity measurement systems.

Velocity Screens

Sydor Technologies offers a cross-functional suite of velocity measurement systems. Multiple detection modes are available including optical measurement, acoustic measurement, or Doppler measurement.

We offer various models for indoor and outdoor ranges. The 408 Optical Sky Screen is capable of indoor and outdoor use, provided the correct lighting, which can also be supplied by Sydor. These solutions come in multiple options including portable, ruggedized, and Nitrogen-filled models.  

Light screens are available to be paired with the velocity measurement screens to enable use indoors.

Infinition Doppler Radar

Infinition offers a complete suite of radar systems manufactured spanning 10 GHz to 94 GHz.  


  • Infinition


    Infinition is globally renowned for their expertise in manufacturing ballistic instrumentation radar systems. Their current suite of antennas includes multiple models transmitting frequencies of 10.5 GHz and 35 GHz. Infinition’s…

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  • Optical Target

    Ballistics Optical Target

    Sydor’s Optical Target designed to replace manually measured paper targets; for use with subsonic and supersonic projectiles larger than 4.5 mm. The Sydor Optical Target Model 482 is designed to…

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  • Ballistic Testing Targets

    Ballistics Optical Target

    Sydor Technologies and our partners are proud to offer a variety of targets. These products range in complexity and many can be customized to meet unique customer requirements. Browse available…

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