Ballistic Testing Targets

Sydor Technologies and our partners are proud to offer a variety of targets. These products range in complexity and many can be customized to meet unique customer requirements. Browse available targets below. Please inquire if you do not see a solution that meets your needs, as many can be modified or scaled.

Ballistic Target Products

  • Automatic Paper Target & Digital Camera Target

    Paper Target

    A motor driven paper target system designed for use with the Digital Camera Target system The target paper rolls can be up to 1 meter wide and sometimes over 500…

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  • Biokinetics Blunt Trauma Torso Rig

    Biokinetics Blunt Trauma Torso Rig

    Mimics the human chest response under moderate to high rate impact Blunt trauma is assessed by measuring the peak dynamic deformation with custom software and correlating this to injury risks…

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  • Electronic Ballistic Target

    Electronic Target

    High-performance target for proof and experimental applications The target is composed of a thin closed chamber. Self-healing rubber panels on the front and rear allow repeated use and provide great…

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  • Optical Target

    Ballistics Optical Target

    Sydor’s Optical Target designed to replace manually measured paper targets; for use with subsonic and supersonic projectiles larger than 4.5 mm. The Sydor Optical Target Model 482 is designed to…

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  • X-Y Frames

    X-Y Frames

    Easily placed multiple shots on the same ballistic target without overlapping shots and potential misses The X, Y Target frame has been developed to allow the end user to easily…

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