MASS – Mobile Artillery Scoring System

Sydor’s MASS is designed to be easy to use and maneuver via trailer-mounted equipment.

Ground Mass
The Mobile Artillery Scoring System, MASS, is designed for determination and instant feedback of the impact point of bombs, rockets and/or artillery rounds.

Each self-contained trailer includes a camera, a mast system, a battery power unit and additional storage. The trailers can be deployed safely away from the target area and can quickly accommodate different target blast radiuses, with an operator located within 5 km to control the scoring system.

Specifically, designed image processing software will detect and triangulate the impact point, and return fast feedback on the impact GPS coordinates. Live and practice rounds can be detected from generated video signals (via smoke and ground bursts).

Overview of the SABRE MASS System:

  • Provides “Real Earth” co-ordinates of impact point for subsonic munitions.
  • Targets monitored by two GPS enabled HDTV cameras.
  • Self-contained trailer mounts with solar power and battery backup allows for remote/portable use.
  • System can also be poweredby a generator.
  • Secure wireless transmission of video and data.
  • Automatic scoring with manual override.
  • Menu for analysis formats, calibration, etc.
  • Training mode with simulated impact.