Fragment Simulators, FSPs, & more

Fragment simulators are typically used to test both hard and soft material resistance to impact from non-deforming projectiles.

Fragment simulators

For military applications, these typically simulate fragments from a grenade, land mine or shell burst. In civilian applications, stone impact on high speed vehicles may be simulated (eg stones on railway train rolling stock or engine).

The most commonly used projectiles are Fragment Simulating Projectiles (FSP’s), which are as specified in NATO STANAG 2920 or 4569. In other testing, Right Circular Cylinders (RCC’s) are sometimes used.

Sydor can supply many types of FSP’s, RCC’s, and sabots.

When consultations are needed, Sydor’s team of experts can assist with caliber selection, procurement of reloading equipment, as well as identify which barrels and ancillaries are required.