Ballistics Preparation Room Products

Sydor Technologies offers a variety of products required for the preparation of materials used in ballistics testing, armor testing, and/or vehicle testing. For a complete list of included equipment, please contact a Sydor technical expert today.

Ballistics Prep Products

  • Extraction Rigs

    Bullet Extraction Rig

    Sydor offers multiple extraction rigs which are designed to remove projectiles from cartridge cases using controlled speeds and force limits. The Small Bullet Puller System is touch-screen operated. Using controlled…

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  • Fragment Simulators, FSPs, & more


    Fragment simulators are typically used to test both hard and soft material resistance to impact from non-deforming projectiles. For military applications, these typically simulate fragments from a grenade, land mine…

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  • Sydor Conditioning Chambers

    Ballistics Armour Condtioning Cabinet

    Conditioning chambers for environmental testing of weapons and gauging equipment These Conditioning Chambers come with a full range of environmental controls and are safety assured. They are compact in size…

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