Rate of Fire Measurement

To determine a rate of fire, users need to pair a sensor with one of Sydor’s recording tools. Sydor’s Rate of Fire Recorder is available in multiple version to accommodate use in ruggedized environments. Browse below or inquire for a consultation.


  • IR Sensor

    Ballistics IR Sensor In Use

    Sydor’s Infra-Red Sensor is designed to detect abrupt changes in infra-red radiation which exceeds a preset threshold. The sensor is designed to detect high temperature gases emanating from boilers, explosions,…

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  • Rate-of-Fire Recorder

    Ballistics Rate Of Fire Recorder

    Sydor’s Rate-of-Fire Recorders are portable measurement tools used in the evaluation of service weapons. With a long operational life, tests can be performed without interruption. Designed for use in rugged…

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