Impact Testing

Impact testing is a critical component of projectile research. This field allows us to study the response of materials to ballistic impact loads. The findings can then be used to produce improved protective equipment that is used for military, police, and other protective forces, as well as sports protective gear. Browse this sample of our impact testing products or contact a technical expert for a consultation.


  • Blunt Trauma Torso Rig

    Ballistics Blunt Trauma Torso Rig

    The Blunt Trauma Torso Rig (BTTR) was developed to mimic the human chest response under moderate to high rate impacts with small loading areas. Blunt trauma is assessed by measuring…

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  • Biokinetics Ballistic Load Sensing Headform

    Ballistic Load Sensing Headform

    The Biokinetics Ballistic Load Sensing Headform (BLSH) was developed to evaluate ballistic behind armor effects of ballistic helmets and can also be used to assess blunt force trauma from a…

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  • Stab Rigs

    Ballistics Stab Rig

    The Sydor Technologies Stab Rig is a self-supporting drop rig. This structure was engineered testing soft and hard body armor, evaluated to meet all major international standards. The intended use…

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