Miscellaneous Testing

Whether our customers require individual pieces of equipment or complete ranges, Sydor’s team of experts should be your go-to resources for ballistics test and measurement purposes. Our team provides consulting services to help build ranges from the ground up to meet standard or unique application requirements. If you browse our suite of products and do not see what you require, contact Sydor to see if our team, or one of our industry partners, is able to source the needed equipment.


  • Impact Testing

    Ballistics Blunt Trauma Torso Rig

    Impact testing is a critical component of projectile research. This field allows us to study the response of materials to ballistic impact loads. The findings can then be used to…

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  • Primer Sensitivity Rig

    Primer Sensitivity Rig

    Sydor’s Primer Sensitivity Rig can be used to test percussion primed small or medium caliber rounds up to 0.5″ or electrically fired cases up to 20 mm.

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  • Rate of Fire Measurement

    Ballistics IR Sensor In Use

    To determine a rate of fire, users need to pair a sensor with one of Sydor’s recording tools. Sydor’s Rate of Fire Recorder is available in multiple version to accommodate…

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  • Readout with the Integrated Range Instrumentation System (IRIS)

    Ballistics IRIS On Table Grey

    The Integrated Range Instrument System (IRIS) is an “all-in-one” control system for weapons and ammunition proofing, research and development on the range. IRIS can be paired with any of Sydor’s…

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  • Yaw Measurement

    Yaw Work Station

    Yaw Cards are an outdated measurement method for determining a projectile’s in-flight yaw. Sydor manufactures the Yaw Angle of Attack system and our partners at Biokinetics offer a detection sensor…

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  • Miscellaneous Equipment


    Along with the vast suite of test and measurement equipment, Sydor offers miscellaneous equipment required to complete your range. For a complete list of available equipment, contact a Sydor technical…

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