Range Tables

Sydor Technologies’ weapon stands and tables are a versatile suite of rugged, fully-adjustable, and easily inter-changeable tables and stands.

With multiple models available, each intended to be paired with Sydor’s Universal Receivers and Launchers, Sydor is your source for turnkey firing point solutions. Specialized cradles, mountings, and molding kits are also available accessories that can be included with your package.

Multi-functional designs are available to co-mount other Sydor testing systems for simultaneous testing. This includes our scissor-jack stand which integrates a Sydor Universal Receiver with our Doppler Radar system. This precisely engineered design is ideal for armored-vehicle testing.

Sydor places great value on accuracy, precision, and safety. With Sydor’s tables, your fixtures are secured to ensure repeatability and safety.

Sydor Technologies range table