Gas Gun Testing Chamber

Providing an enclosed testing system for your Sydor Gas Gun.

Gas Gun Testing Chamber
Gas Gun Testing Chamber

This self-contained unit can be safely installed within offices and testing arenas, making it a great addition to existing laboratories.

The Sydor Gun Testing Chamber can be equipped with integrated measurement systems for ease of simultaneous testing. Our most popular configuration includes an enclosed gas gun, velocity measurement system, access doors with safety interlocks, and viewing ports for high-speed cameras.

The Sydor Gas Gun is a single-stage high performance and high pressure test system that obtains high velocities by using a fast acting shuttle valve which releases a set volume of gas (typically Helium). Users adjust the gas pressure prior to firing to obtain the desired projectile velocity.

Projectiles or fragments are loaded by removing the quick release barrel. An over-center lever catch locks the barrel after loading, and the gun is ready to fire. The standard configuration is designed to accommodate 7.62 mm rounds for NATO (STANAG 2920) Fragment Simulating Projectile (FSP) firing. Other calibers can easily be added from 0.22” through to 12.7 mm rifled and up to 42.2 mm (eg Golf Balls) with smooth bore barrels.

Firing is accomplished electrically, to allow for remote operation and providing users with a safer environment. For added user safety, the unit can easily be connected to the firing circuit through door interlocks.

An optional Gas Booster is available to optimize the use of the helium gas. For larger projectiles at slower velocities an optimized configuration has an integrated fiber optic velocity sensor on the barrel with a protection plate around the muzzle.

Gas Gun Testing Chamber Specifications :

Barrel: 7.62 mm as standard, larger available for higher velocities or larger projectiles

Gas: Standard helium bottle (not included) at up to 300 bar – for lower velocities, other gases may be used

Velocities: Up to 900 m/s with 17 grain FSP, barrel length and gas pressure dependent

Firing: Electrical 24 VDC via solenoid

Other required items: Barrels, sabots, laser mount, booster system, tools & spares


Compatible with multiple caliber projectiles

Optional barrel-mounted velocity sensors

Optional gas boosters

Applications :

Ballistic material testing