Firing Point Ballistic Testing

Sydor manufactures and supplies equipment used to fully equip your projectile’s source—available products include universal receivers and all required tables, stands, mounts, and more. Available accessories can be sourced to meet your needs including barrels and ammunition. To ensure safe operation of our products, testing chambers are a great option especially for indoor testing facilities. Browse available products below and inquire if you do not see a component that your testing requires.


  • Eyewear Testing Gas Gun

    Eyewear Testing Gas Gun

    The Sydor Eyewear Testing Gas Gun is designed to test impact on eyewear and facial protection equipment to internationally recognized standards such as ANSI Z87.1. The system is comprised of…

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  • Gas Gun Testing Chamber

    Gas Gun Testing Chamber

    Providing an enclosed testing system for your Sydor Gas Gun. This self-contained unit can be safely installed within offices and testing arenas, making it a great addition to existing laboratories….

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  • Gas Guns

    Gas Gun

    Sydor’s Gas Guns are ideal for armor testing, ballistic testing, and safety testing. Available in a single-stage configuration, our gas guns fire up to 950 m/s. Performance at these velocities…

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  • Range Tables

    Ballistics B2 Gun With Barrel Adaptor

    Sydor Technologies’ weapon stands and tables are a versatile suite of rugged, fully-adjustable, and easily inter-changeable tables and stands. With multiple models available, each intended to be paired with Sydor’s…

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  • Test Barrels

    Test Barrels for Universal Receivers

    Sydor’s test barrels are specifically engineered for internal ballistics testing and measurement when fitted to a Universal Receiver. Need a new barrel for your universal receiver now? We deliver proof-tested…

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  • Universal Weapon Mounts

    Ballistics B1 Gun Outside Small Caliber

    A variety of weapon mounts to accommodate projectiles of all sizes Small Caliber Weapon Mount Sydor’s small caliber model accepts projectiles from .22” to 12.7 x 99 mm, whereas the…

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