Ballistic Testing Products

Complete ballistic testing and instrumentation systems

Providing complete ballistic testing and instrumentation systems designed to meet current international certifications such as STANAG, NATO, ISO, CIP, SAAMI, NIJ, ABCA, and CAST. With a global presence, we provide integrated solutions to over 35 countries.

Our value is most evident in our experience. What we provide is more than just equipment. Our teams work hand in hand with our customers from initial consultation through engineering and design work, up to delivery and installation. After installation and training, we are always accessible for technical support, maintenance, and additional training.

We say that we supply everything “From Gun to Target.” We supply everything required to solve ballistic test range requirements – even building the range! We understand the need for accuracy, repeatability, compliance, and meaningful results and promise to deliver on that.

Ballistic Testing Products

  • Biokinetics


    Who is Biokinetics? Biokinetics is a Canada-based manufacturer of testing and measurement products intended for impact testing, including applications such as ballistic impact testing, stab testing, and blast testing. Biokinetics...

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  • Firing Point Ballistic Testing

    Gas Gun Testing Chamber

    Sydor manufactures and supplies equipment used to fully equip your projectile’s source—available products include universal receivers and all required tables, stands, mounts, and more. Available accessories can be sourced to...

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  • Infinition


    Infinition is globally renowned for their expertise in manufacturing ballistic instrumentation radar systems. Their current suite of antennas includes multiple models transmitting frequencies of 10.5 GHz and 35 GHz. Infinition’s...

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  • Miscellaneous Testing

    Ballistics IR Sensor In Use

    Whether our customers require individual pieces of equipment or complete ranges, Sydor’s team of experts should be your go-to resources for ballistics test and measurement purposes. Our team provides consulting...

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  • Ballistics Preparation Room Products

    Ballistics Armour Condtioning Cabinet

    Sydor Technologies offers a variety of products required for the preparation of materials used in ballistics testing, armor testing, and/or vehicle testing. For a complete list of included equipment, please...

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  • Ballistic Target Scoring Systems


    Complete Air Weapons and Mobile Artillery Scoring Systems Sydor Technologies provides complete Air Weapons and Mobile Artillery Scoring Systems based on camera and acoustic sensor configurations, communications, and software that...

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  • Ballistic Testing Targets

    Ballistics Optical Target

    Sydor Technologies and our partners are proud to offer a variety of targets. These products range in complexity and many can be customized to meet unique customer requirements. Browse available...

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  • Velocity Measurement Systems

    Velocity Screens

    A cross-functional suite of velocity measurement systems. Sydor Technologies offers a cross-functional suite of velocity measurement systems. Multiple detection modes are available including optical measurement, acoustic measurement, or Doppler measurement....

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