Terminal Ballistics & Ballistic Impact Testing Systems

Sydor Technologies is the world’s most comprehensive ballistic test equipment manufacturer and consultancy. We provide comprehensive terminal ballistics and terminal impact testing systems—including comprehensive, integrated solutions for everything from project specifications, to range design and construction, to installation, to technical support and training.
Electronic Acoustic & Optical Targets

opticalacoustictargetWe offer high-performance, electronic acoustic targets for proof and experimental applications, and training and competition—with options available to meet the demands of subsonic and supersonic projectiles. Likewise, we also provide optical targets that can be customized for subsonic and supersonic velocity systems, and small- and medium-caliber projectiles traveling at subsonic and supersonic velocities.

Yaw (Angle of Attack) Diagnostics

yaw)800The Sydor Technologies Y.A.W. (Yaw Analytics Workstation) provides advanced information for measuring the angle of attack and angle of impact characteristics of projectiles. Using triggering capabilities designed by Sydor Instruments (a Sydor Technologies company), the workstation can detect yaw to fractions of a degree. The system can be integrated to perform measurements and diagnostics of pre-impact yaw and changes that occur during the yaw cycle as the projectile approaches a target or point of measurement.

Fragment Arena Systems

We also provide systems to measure the velocity distribution, distances, and angles of fragments emitted by shells, bombs, and grenades close to the point of impact in the fragment field—with PC-based timing and control units and an interface based on the Sydor Technologies Integrated Range Instrumentation System (IRIS).

Stab Rigs

The Sydor Technologies personal armor stab system is a drop rig designed to meet all major international standards for testing the resistance to penetration of personal armor and other protective materials against knife or spike attack. To help improve productivity while providing critical results, stab testing can be conducted along with ballistic testing to ensure civil security and law enforcement agencies are protected against common hazards and threats.

Personal Armor Fixtures

armourtestingSydor Technologies also provides personal armor fixtures for body and helmet armor testing—including devices with remote operation, to safely and efficiently meet the demands of NIJ testing.

Impact & Drop Test Systems (Lab and Safety)

droprig_impactWe can provide complete solutions for testing lab and safety equipment, including eye protection, face protection, clothing, and other safety equipment according to international standards (such as EN166 & ANSI Z87.1-2003/2015). We also provide higher energy systems for impact testing components used in transport vehicles.

Help with Terminal Ballistics/Impact Testing
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