X-Y Frames

The X, Y Target frame has been developed to allow the end user to easily place multiple shots on the same target without having to worry about overlapping shots and potential misses from sighting their test weapon or system.

X-Y Frames

The frame is made of lightweight aluminum and is mounted on wheels to allow ease of movement throughout the range. The system comes with two ‘target frames’ an outer frame and an inner frame nested inside it this allows the end-user to either use the smaller inner frame or remove it for use with larger target samples.

The system was designed to hold an NIJ Clay tray with affixed body armor for testing to NIJ 0101.06, the system can also hold the fragment capture boxes for glass testing for EN 1063. The system also allows for angled shots.

The frame has electronic pistons located on the X and Y plane. These pistons are activated via a control box located at the firing point. This allows the target to be adjusted from the firing point, reducing the amount of time technicians need to spend downrange.