STANAG 4569, Level 1-6

Sydor Technologies provides complete ballistics testing system equipment from gun to target for small and large caliber testing. Sydor also provides systems to STANAG 4569/AEP-55 through level 6. Sydor systems are modular and are designed to grow with your testing requirements.

Sydor Technologies provides STANAG 4569/AEP-55 testing modules that enable a test range to incrementally expand the test levels they require, up to a full Level 6 range that includes both KE and FSP threats. Sydor has engineered unique STANAG solutions, like mounting a test gun on a multi-axis stage with integrated Doppler Radar. This solution allows one to move the barrel heights and angles to meet STANAG requirements without the costs and limitations of moving heavy, large armored vehicles to the required angles. Another custom solution offered is active armor testing using a “gun-in-a-box” setup where the gun is fired from a transportable container that is purpose-built and air tight for outside storage.

“gun-in-a-box” Setup

Sydor can supply a turnkey range designed to meet any of the international standards like NIJ, SAMMI, CIP, STANAG and more. Sydor also consults on equipment that extends data collection beyond the requirements listed in the standards. These include turnkey high speed video/lighting, high accuracy yaw, fragmentation, software analysis and other diagnostic tests required for research or product development.

Sydor’s application team can guide you in deciding how to grow your range incrementally. We can advise the proper table, screens and diagnostics that will support future additions of larger 20mm FSP’s and 25-30mm calibers. We can also assist with range set up procedures, equipment use training, and range QA documentation requirements.

Small caliber gun mounted on scissor jack stand with integrated azimuth/elevation control and Doppler radar following the gun barrel angle to the target.

Sample STANAG scope of supply:
  • Ballistics test guns, recoil and support tables, including tables to provide azimuth and angle firing.
  • Test barrels and ammo
  • Velocity Screens/Sky Screens/Doppler Radar (Sky screens and Doppler are generally more versatile for larger caliber.)
  • Yaw cards or more accurate camera based YAW systems.
  • High Speed Video and lighting, plus triggering setups for ACCURATE triggering of cameras/lighting, etc.
  • Target stands
  • Computer systems for Data Capture, integrated measurements and documentation for reporting of test results.

Typical AEP-55 test configuration schematic showing two velocity, YAW and different targets.

Help with STANAG Solutions and Range Setup Procedures
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