Services: Ballistics

Custom Engineering & Software Development

Today’s science and military testing requirements are changing at an ever faster rate than published industry specifications. Off-the-shelf components sometimes can’t perform the diagnostics or measurements you need or precisely suit the applications or environments you’re exploring. We can help. Sydor Technologies can help determine your requirements, and design and deliver custom solutions for testing of ballistic equipment or generating new custom diagnostics.

Installation, Training & Support

As a global supplier meeting global industry standards and practices, we know what it takes to install a comprehensive, integrated system, and then train people how to use it productively and efficiently. We can work side-by-side with your staff to ensure a seamless and timely installation. We can also provide complete documentation and provide your staff with technical manuals and comprehensive training to help increase productivity. And when it comes to support, Sydor Technologies service engineers can help you improve the consistency, accuracy and reliability of your testing. And of course we provide timely support for no-nonsense troubleshooting, quick replacements, and timely upgrades.


Todays high speed instruments can have extensive training and/or specialized equipment required for recalibration, and Sydor Technologies can help. We can provide comprehensive calibration services and reference standards in many ways: via factory recalibration, on-site, or with the equipment and training for you to do it in-house. Having calibration certification is critical for ISO and other standards your lab might be accredited to. Even if your lab is not accredited, it is important that you certify you have cared for and calibrated your range testing solutions.