Preparation Area

Sydor Technologies provides complete ballistic testing and instrumentation systems designed to meet current, international certifications. Our global installations prove Sydor Technologies to be one of the world’s most comprehensive ballistic test equipment suppliers and consultancy. And we provide integrated solutions that extend beyond just equipment—we consult and can deliver project specifications, range designs and construction, containerized ranges, installations, technical support and training.

Well-designed preparation areas are critical for safe and efficient ballistics and impact testing facilities. Ranges must include protected areas for proper storage of explosives—and the instruments, tools, and equipment necessary to conduct ballistic measurements, diagnostics, and testing. Sydor Technologies can provide secure vaults using modern security technology for storage of weapons and propellants.

Preparation Area – Ammo and Conditioning Equipment

Ammunition_PreparationSydor Technologies provides extraction rigs to extract projectiles from cartridge cases using controlled speeds and force limits. We supply ammunition casing drilling equipment for in-case chamber pressure to allow for propellant load adjustment and for ammunition reloading we offer complete kits for manual or power-driven operation. We provide ammo and clay conditioning ovens, gas launchers, tumblers and all forms of prep area supply.

Powder and Cartridge Test Guns and Gas Launchers

powdertest_gaslaunchersSydor Technologies manufactures a wide range of highly reliable test guns, gas launchers, and universal receivers adhering to NATO, CIP, SAAMI and other international standards. Our test guns (powder, cartridge and gas) are strong, versatile, and accommodate multiple pistol, shotgun and rifle calibers up to .50-caliber, and larger calibers up to 50 mm as well.

Sabot/Fragment Simulating Projectiles (FSPs)

To help conduct NATO body armor and ballistic helmet testing, we also provide sabot and Fragment Simulating Projectiles (FSPs) in various calibers.

Testing Ammunition

Sydor Technologies can help you evaluate test barrels, test ranges and all velocity and pressure measuring equipment—and supply limited quantities of reference ammunition in a wide range of calibers.

Conditioning & Gauging Equipment

We also offer a range of conditioning equipment necessary for the environmental testing of weapons, along with gauging equipment, including gun barrel gauges to measure the wear and erosion characteristics of gun barrels and accurate measurement of headspace and chamber sizes.

Help with (Powder & Gas) Preparation Areas
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