Internal Ballistics Testing Systems & Equipment

Sydor Technologies provides complete ballistic testing and instrumentation systems that meet current international certifications. Our global installations prove Sydor Technologies to be one of the world’s most comprehensive ballistic test equipment suppliers and consultancy. We provide integrated solutions that extend beyond just equipment—we consult and can deliver project specifications, range designs and construction, containerized ranges, installations, technical support and training.

We also offer a wide range of equipment and solutions for testing internal ballistics and weapons dynamics—so you can get the critical results you need—whether you’re testing chamber or port pressure, action time, rate of fire, or conducting other internal ballistics testing and measurements.

Launchers and Mounts for Internal Ballistics Impact Testing

We offer a wide range of weapon stands, breeches, and gun barrels to meet international standards—including our unique universal mount barrels up to 50 mm. We also provide gas gun systems with boosters to 950 m/s, and enclosed & interlocked gas gun chambers.

Universal Receivers & Shooting Rests

universalrecieversSydor Technologies offers Universal Range Tables in various sizes to support Universal Test Guns and Weapons Rests. The equipment is designed with fully-adjustable mounting dynamics for interchangeability and versatility while maintaining accuracy, precision, and safety. Specialized cradles and mountings with molding kits for standard or custom service weapons, mounts and floor stands for Sydor Technologies test guns, and universal weapon rests are also available. We have also made scissor-jack stands with integrated Doppler Radar for armored-vehicle testing.

Powder & Gas Test Stands & Rests

powder_Gas_test_standsWe also provide breech-powder and cartridge test guns, in various sizes, with unique adaptors for interchangeability. Also our small-, medium- and large-caliber test guns, specific accuracy guns, and grenade launchers are all designed with options for recoil and remote operation. And our ballistics test guns are coordinated to work with our Universal Range Tables.

Test Barrels

B1-test-gun-BarrelsOur test barrels are specifically engineered for internal ballistics testing and measurement. And with our experience in developing ballistics testing facilities around the world, we’ve supplied test barrels for various ammunitions, including some hard-to-find designs. Sydor Technologies test barrels are designed to meet global standards, including NATO, EPVAT, ISO, CIP, SAAMI, and NIJ specifications, among others. And our barrels come with options for proof-testing and other certifications.

Gas Launchers

Sydor Technologies has provided gas guns for materials and armor testing, ballistic testing, and safety testing. Our single-stage guns provide projectile capabilities to 950 m/s, making them ideal for university, laboratory, or any location where the firing of conventional powder guns is not desired. Using (customer-supplied) air or helium tanks, we can employ a booster option for all gas guns and employ FSP or sabot projectiles for testing eyewear, sports helmets, nanomaterial, novel protection materials, and more. Our offerings also include an enclosed gas gun station with integrated velocity screens, door and safety interlocks and viewing ports for high-speed cameras. This self-contained unit can be safely installed within current offices and operating areas, making it a great addition to an existing forensics or materials testing lab.

Help with Internal Ballistics Testing
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