External Ballistics Testing Systems & Equipment

Sydor Technologies provides complete ballistic testing and instrumentation systems meeting current international certifications. Our global installations prove Sydor Technologies to be one of the world’s most comprehensive ballistic test equipment suppliers and consultancy. We provide integrated solutions that extend beyond just equipment— we consult and deliver project specifications, range designs and construction, containerized ranges, installations, technical support and training.

Our external ballistics testing and trajectory analysis includes the sensors, cameras, detectors, radars and accessories to ensure you capture the results during external dynamics testing. So whether you’re testing muzzle velocity, rate of fire, projectile retardation and drag factors, target velocity, weapon noise, muzzle flash or performing other ballistics testing and measurements—Sydor Technologies can help you get the critical results you need.

We can provide a wide range of external ballistics equipment, including IR flash detectors, velocity screens and acoustic screens, blast gauges, flight tracking systems and Doppler radar antennae. All of the technologies are integrated into our low-jitter, robust triggering systems. Our expertise in triggering includes interframe camera triggering, with capabilities down to the nanosecond—well beyond those of typical ballistics testing requirements.

Velocity Screens

velocity_screensWe offer uniquely rugged screens, with a design honed from our years of range experience. And our designs started from installations requiring accuracy meeting government and scientific applications—we didn’t start as a backyard project kit. We offer various models for indoor and outdoor ranges, including, portable, ruggedized, and Nitrogen-filled options.

Light Screens/Sky Screens

lightscreensSydor Technologies offers different models of light screens and indoor/outdoor sky screens, including fixed-base length, modular and solid-state (Milligan Compatible) screens. And we employ IR/detector, acoustic, and Doppler technologies.


We also offer indoor and outdoor lighting and illumination systems, including those for use with high-speed video, and various cameras, sensors and more, to provide additional light as necessary for conducting external ballistics tests.

Rate-of-Fire Recorder

rateoffireAnd whether you’re testing 60 or 6,000 rounds per minute, Sydor Technologies provides rate-of-fire recorders to conduct the tests necessary to get the results you need. We offer various types of rate-of-fire recorders, including rugged, portable, battery-operated models.

Yaw (Angle of Attack) Diagnostics & Pre-Impact Diagnostics

yaw)800The Sydor Technologies Y.A.W. (Yaw Analytics Workstation) provides advanced information for measuring the angle of attack and angle of impact characteristics of projectiles. Using triggering capabilities designed by Sydor Instruments (a Sydor Technologies company), the workstation can detect yaw to fractions of a degree. The system can be integrated to perform measurements and diagnostics of pre-impact yaw and changes that occur during the yaw cycle as the projectile approaches a target or point of measurement.

Environmental Measurement

Sydor Technologies also offers a wide range of instruments and sensors for the measurement, analysis, and recording of environmental factors involved in ballistics testing—including temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, etc.—for use on both indoor and outdoor ballistics testing ranges.

Help with External Ballistics Testing
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