Instrumentation Control, Data Processing and Analysis

Sydor Technologies provides complete ballistic testing systems and instrumentation—we’re the world’s most comprehensive ballistic test equipment manufacturer and consultancy.

At the core of many of our comprehensive, custom solutions is the Sydor Technologies Integrated Range Instrumentation System (IRIS)—a suite of ballistic measurement devices, and data processing and analysis tools. The Sydor Technologies IRIS is internationally recognized as a measurement tool for conducting tests according to EPVAT, NIJ, CAST and SAMMI standards.

The Sydor Technologies IRIS has been installed in over 30 countries worldwide, and used at over 100 testing ranges (and often customized to meet the specific testing needs and requirements of our customers).

Integrated Range Instrumentation System (IRIS)

The Sydor Technologies IRIS is an “all-in-one” control system for weapons and ammunition proofing, research, and development on the range. In conjunction with our test weapons, sky screens and electronic targets, the Sydor Technologies IRIS can perform, record, and analyze all kinds of standard measurements—including electronic pressure, velocity and action time (EPVAT) plus accuracy, rate of fire, weapon dynamics and temperature and more.

Rate of Fire Recorders

rateoffireSydor Technologies rate-of-fire recorders can measure the rate of fire and velocity of projectiles necessary for weapon and ammunition design; production, proofing, armor assessment, forensic science, and other research and development applications. Whether you’re testing 60 or 6,000 rounds per minute, Sydor Technologies rate-of-fire recorders can perform the tests necessary to get the mission-critical results you need.

Camera and Video Capture

Sydor Technologies provides integration of the industry’s most current camera and video options available. Based on your application needs, we select the best value system from this ever-changing market, then integrates the lighting solutions, triggering setup, and also the data transfer. The Sydor Technologies Y.A.W. (Yaw Analytics Workstation) uses machine vision and high-speed triggering to capture projectile in flight dynamics, and image analysis to calculate precise information.

Range Remote Controls

For ranges where access is difficult or distances are challenging, Sydor Technologies offers remote measurement capability for down range manipulation & monitoring via wireless or ethernet.

Range Remote Systems Integration

We also design products for indoor and outdoor ranges, and provides a suite of remote controls and firing mechanisms that are employed where access is difficult or distances are challenging. This includes measurement capability for down range manipulation and monitoring via wireless or Ethernet and control room integration.

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