The Ballistics Yaw Sensor

The Ballistics Yaw Sensor is a turnkey system used for measuring the yaw angle of bullets and fragments. This is a complete system including a camera, LED flash, trigger, delay box, computer, and custom software. LED flash lighting provides a backlight for the high performance camera to capture images of the projectile with high resolution. The software automatically processes the data and calculates yaw angles for the ultimate ease of use. The system does not require the use of an external velocity gate.

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Ballistic Yaw Sensor Datasheet

The Ballistic Load Sensing Headform (BLSH)

The Ballistic Load Sensing Headform (BLSH) was developed to evaluate ballistic behind armor effects of ballistic helmets and can also be used to assess blunt force trauma from a host of generalized head strikes (i.e. less-lethal weapons, blunt force impacts).  The impact force of the striking shell on the skull is measured with an array of seven sensors using custom software and compared with injury risk criteria. A range of headforms allow for impacts to the front, rear, left, right and crown locations and come in a variety of sizes.  A penetration headform is also offered for V50 assessment and offers proper helmet support and standoff as well as jaw and nape features for attaching the retention system.

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Ballistic Load Sensing Headform (BLSH) Datasheet

The Blunt Trauma Torso Rig (BTTR)

The Blunt Trauma Torso Rig (BTTR) was developed to mimic the human chest response under moderate to high rate impacts with small loading areas. Blunt trauma is assessed by measuring the peak dynamic deformation with custom software and correlating this to injury risks derived from biomechanical studies.  The BTTR is intended for use with soft body armor, kinetic energy less lethal weapons and other distributed impacts of moderate to high speed.

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Blunt Trauma Torso Rig (BTTR) Datasheet

Stab Test Apparatus

The Stab Tester is a self-supporting structure that permits the testing of soft and hard body armour to be evaluated to the stab standards of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and the Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB). This system can test samples up to an energy of 90 J using a wide assortment of threat simulators. The custom designed software will indicate the necessary drop height and will calculate the impact energy upon completion of the test.

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Stab Test Apparatus Datasheet

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