Scoring Systems

Sydor Technologies provides complete Air Weapons and Mobile Artillery Scoring Systems based on camera and acoustic sensor configurations, communications, and software that will interactively train pilot and gunner crews. Sydor provides integrated solutions that extend beyond our equipment—we consult and deliver project specifications, scoring layout designs, local range construction, as well as technical support and training.

Sydor Technologies scoring systems utilize camera and acoustic technologies to provide cost effective target scoring for bombs, practice bombs, ordinance, artillery and more. Our scoring systems are real time, feeding wireless data to the command center or pilot COMM network to enable the pilot or gunner to interactively train and optimize systems. The data is used to calibrate or adjust instrumentation for optimized targeting performance. Our team can provide the targeting equipment, as well as complex project management of remote installations, local construction, and long term support.

SABRE AWSS – Air Weapons Scoring Systems

The AWSS consists of configurations that include full bomb and strafing courts or modular combinations of both.

AWSS schematic of a strafe and target range with a separate bomb court and strafing court. The bomb court uses cameras on tall masts on trailers located outside the blast zone. The strafe system uses acoustic sensors behind berms.

A full AWSS package includes:

BOMB COURT: Rugged trailers with 40’ masts containing camera imaging systems with intelligent local processors, communication equipment to stream real time data to a central command tower and/or the pilot or gunner. This system uses a battery/solar powered module for remote application at the edges of the bomb court. The data collected and/or transmitted includes the imaged data, data reduction/analysis that calculates the target error coordinates and correction information. This real-time result is transmitted over a pilot COMM network for interactive pilot training and improvement while in a sortie training run.

Before a sortie is deployed, the operations team uses the user-friendly software and calibration masts to setup and adjust for the unique position of the trailers, site positions, leveling and focus to the scoring area. Real time scoring feedback provides significant training benefits and cost savings.

Real time scoring feedback provides significant training benefits and cost savings.

  • The live feedback allows pilots to run fewer sorties to achieve results.
  • The pilot’s effectiveness is increased.
  • Equipment is tuned and optimized in flight for better calibration.
  • Data can be reviewed later for further analysis, training, and optimizations.

STRAFING COURT: Dual acoustic systems on 600mm tall stands are located behind protection berms and are focused on the customer supplied target screen. The sensors and tripods are small and lightweight and portable by common pickup trucks/trailers. Power units, along with solar recovery and optional weather stations are included. The acoustic sensors run at high speed, catching the supersonic profile of the incoming projectile and triangulating its position concurrent with counting the event.

Accuracy Mode and Wide Range Miss Distance Indicator Mode:

With two modes available, the AWSS system can display rounds per minute results and the location of the strafe projectiles in the target area. The angle of attack and the horizontal approach angle are also calculated.

The rugged and compact scoring processing units can wirelessly transmit results to the central command receiver. Real-time feedback provides gunners the corrections required during sortie training runs, along with equipment adjustments and calibration for the pilot and gunners’ improved performance.

Live strafing score results allow pilots to train less to provide a cost savings with fewer sorties and all data is stored for off-line analysis.

The SABRE Mobile Artillery Scoring System, MASS, is designed for determination and instant feedback of the impact point of bombs, rockets and/or artillery rounds.

SABRE MASS – Mobile Artillery Scoring System

MASS is designed to be easy to use and maneuver via trailer mounted equipment. Each self-contained trailer includes two cameras, a mast system, a battery power unit and additional storage. The trailers can be deployed safely away from the target area and can quickly accommodate different target blast radiuses, with an operator located within 5 km to control the scoring system.

Specifically, designed image processing software will detect and triangulate the impact point, and return fast feedback on the impact GPS coordinates. Live and practice rounds can be detected from generated video signals (via smoke and ground bursts).

Overview of the SABRE MASS System:
  • Provides “Real Earth” co-ordinates of impact point for subsonic munitions.
  • Targets monitored by two GPS enabled HDTV cameras.
  • Self-contained trailer mounts with solar power and battery backup allows for remote/portable use.
  • System can also be powered via generator.
  • Secure wireless transmission of video and data.
  • Automatic scoring with manual override.
  • Menu for analysis formats, calibration etc.
  • Training mode with simulated impact.

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