Arbitrary Waveform Generators

A variety of programmable and arbitrary waveform generators are available.

Kentech AWG-100D

Low voltage Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWGs) are available with sample rates up to 8 GSa/s (125 ps sample spacing) and a sample amplitude of up to 8V. A typical output rise/fall time of 200 ps is combined with record lengths to ~100 ns. These units can be triggered up to 100kHz, and they maintain low jitter of approximately 10ps RMS.

Programmable Optical Pulse Shaper (POPS) systems include an AWG pulser, a fiber optic modulator, and bias control. The POPS allows laser pulse shaping with rise/fall times of 200 ps. Versions are available with record lengths in the range 10 ns (POPS10) and 100 ns (POPS100). These are typically used for seed pulse shaping in high energy laser systems.