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Sydor Technologies provides comprehensive, custom solutions to enable complex imaging measurements. We don’t just sell products; we design and install entire systems of integrated hardware and software. Our engineers and executives will work with you from the earliest planning stages to ensure that the system you install will deliver the critical results you need.
Dynamic Compression Sector at Argonne National Laboratory

For example, several products from the Sydor Technologies portfolio have been integrated to enable cutting-edge measurements and research in the Dynamic Compression Sector (DCS) at the Argonne National Laboratory, sponsored by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory are building a user facility to support state-of-the-art research in shock physics. This facility requires many different diagnostic instruments and detectors across a variety of platforms to work together effectively and support a number of ground-breaking experiments. Sydor Technologies and its partners came together to provide solutions for many of these complex measurements—and some of these technologies were still in development or didn’t exist and needed to be commercialized for use in the facility.

Having determined the need for advanced x-ray imaging, Sydor Technologies responded to meet the needs of the DCS with the commercialization of the Keck-PAD Fast-Framing Hybrid Pixel Detector for use in dynamic compression X-ray diffraction/scattering experiments.

We are also developing the next-generation Sydor Fast-framing Hybridized X-ray Imaging Detector for higher energy ranges—and we’re committed to making this technology commercially available for use in other laboratories.

In addition, the Sydor ROSS 5100 Streak Camera has been integrated at DCS as the lead diagnostic for Line VISAR experiments. And as the exclusive provider of Photek and Kentech products in the United States, Sydor Technologies has supplied customized Image Intensifiers (Photek) to enable fast CMOS imagers with frame rates of 100 MHz and faster. And we’ve also provided a custom high voltage pulser (Kentech) for laser pulse shaping in a laser used at DCS for shock physics experiments.

Whether applying the applications noted above, or streaked optical pyrometry, neutron imaging, time of flight (ToF) or the applications shown below, Sydor Technologies is committed to innovation and to enabling complex imaging measurements. When you are struggling with figuring out the best way to get your complex measurements made, call us. We have a wealth of advice – and we provide that for free.

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