Sydor Technologies is a global leader providing complex measurement solutions that generate critical results data for the world’s most advanced applications in the defense, energy, ballistics, security, space, and research industries. Established in 2004, Sydor Technologies is headquartered in Rochester, NY USA and now supplies systems and support in over 33 countries. 

In 2004 Sydor Instruments LLC was formed to commercialize novel measurement technologies for mission-critical measurements within the US DOE national laboratories. The company completed a technology transfer of the unique ROSS streak camera with the University of Rochester, Laboratory for Laser Energetics. During this time, Sydor Instruments opened its first facility in Henrietta, New York. Today, now operating as Sydor Technologies, the company has grown to serve over 33 countries. Products and services include cutting-edge technology for imaging and complex measurement solutions, direct and indirect X-ray, neutron and gamma imaging solutions, as well as unique ballistic measurements that certify to international standards.

Sydor's Global Headquarters located in Fairport, New York
Sydor’s Global Headquarters located in Fairport, New York. Fairport is a suburb of Rochester.

To address customer demands, Sydor Instruments continued to develop extensions to solve evolving challenges in the science and research arena. These challenges typically included image intensification and/or high voltage pulsing to drive ultrafast imaging and gating. This led to strategic partnerships in which Sydor became Kentech Instruments and Photek Limited’s exclusive North American distributor, as well as a development partner for new products and applications.

In 2008, Sydor Instruments expanded based upon the award of a multi-million dollar contract from the U.K. Ministry of Defense to supply several systems as part of the development of the Orion Laser Facility. Subsequently, Sydor Instruments expanded into space and defense applications by developing new capabilities and adding employees. Sydor Instruments was named one of America’s fastest growing companies and was recognized by Inc. Magazine in 2010 and 2011. To continue this growth, Sydor Instruments undertook a major facility expansion in Rochester, NY and has continually invested in equipment for the design, production, and testing of its custom diagnostics and imaging systems.

In 2011 Sydor continued to innovate its proprietary technologies and grew new applications focused on ballistics, detonics, and energetic materials testing. Over the next few years, Sydor Instruments implemented more technology transfers from USA national labs and universities. With these transfers Sydor added significant SBIR funded programs to commercialize direct X-ray detectors for the light source community.

Sydor Instruments continued to develop solutions suited for various detonics applications, and started bridging applications with ballistics testing. In 2013, Sydor Instruments began representing the 30+ year company SABRE Ballistics. SABRE, located in Surrey, UK, provides a comprehensive array of ballistics testing, scoring and miss distance indicators. This collaboration ultimately led to the acquisition of Sabre Ballistics in 2014. This Sydor/SABRE combination expanded the business to over 30 countries around the world.

Sydor Technologies was created in 2014 to unify the various businesses and application solutions. The operating units were labeled as Sydor Technologies companies. In 2018, all operating units were rebranded under the Sydor Technologies name. In June of 2018, Sydor announced its acquisition of a new manufacturing and R&D facility in Fairport, a suburb of Rochester, New York. The relocation to the much larger 41,000 sq. ft. facility took place in July of that year and enabled further company expansion.

As one unified company, Sydor Technologies is uniquely positioned to offer cutting-edge technology and comprehensive, imaging and measurement solutions—for a wide variety of critical applications in energy, defense, and research—to customers worldwide, with an even stronger commitment to corporate growth and future innovation.