As an industry leader—committed to innovation—growth is vital. That’s why Sydor Technologies uses a disciplined, targeted acquisition strategy that aims to:
  • minimize risk, yet
  • foster innovation
  • expand intellectual assets
  • and broaden production capabilities to better serve our existing clients—and reach new ones throughout the world

And much like the products and solutions we offer, we focus on precise, targeted acquisitions that:

  • accelerate financial performance
  • better serve our existing clients—and offer greater potential for reaching new ones
  • create opportunities for developing better products and integrated solutions—now and in the future
  • expand upon our intellectual assets and capabilities
  • extend our reach in markets around the globe
  • and fit with our culture, which values forward-thinking, collaboration, and innovation

Sydor Technologies is constantly (yet quite carefully) seeking acquisition partners. We work very closely with business owners and management to realize a successful transition so that the companies we acquire will continue to grow and employees have a bright future.

If you’re a business owner and interested in an exit that preserves the legacy you’ve built—that enables your company to prosper under new leadership—then we invite you to explore how Sydor Technologies can benefit your company and your employees.

If you would like to make a recommendation, or start the conversation, please contact us:

Michael Pavia, President & CEO