Sydor Technologies solves complex measurement problems. We’re collaborators. And we provide comprehensive solutions—for even the most complex diagnostics—to help you get the most accurate data and information you need.

We don’t just sell products, we provide comprehensive, integrated solutions for ultrafast imaging systems, ballistic and impact testing systems, or custom electronics and electro-optics. We’re a trusted partner for solving technical problems with innovative solutions—and we’re personally committed to the future.


Imaging Detectors & Diagnostics

Streak Cameras, X-Ray Detectors and X-Ray Beam Monitors, Photon Counting Cameras—Sydor Technologies provides Imaging Detectors and Diagnostic Instruments for defense, research, and advanced scientific applications.



Ballistic & Impact Test Systems

Sydor Technologies offers custom ballistic and impact testing solutions that will satisfy any requirements you may have (including design, installation, qualification, and training) for defense, security, science, and research.



Electronics & Electro-Optics

High-speed Imaging, Electronic and Electro-optic Devices, High-Voltage Pulsers—Sydor Technologies supplies custom, integrated imaging systems to meet your specific research needs.