Welcome to the new Sydor Technologies website. We are pleased to present our new brand look and all of our global businesses, including Sydor Instruments and Sabre Ballistics, together for the first time.
Sydor Technologies provides custom, comprehensive solutions for high-speed imaging and diagnostics. Whether detecting a single photon, measuring and gating light levels on the order of hundreds of photons, or acquiring images on the fastest timescales—we offer the best in state-of-the-art streak cameras, X-ray beam monitors, X-ray detector technology, image intensifiers, photomultipliers, and more.

We’re collaborators—and can provide comprehensive solutions, engineering, and support for ultrafast imaging detectors and diagnostics. And we’ve been involved in some of the most challenging projects and technology-transfer programs, including the world-class ROSS (Rochester Optical Streak System) streak camera, the only patented, self-calibrating camera with dynamic calibration.

We’re personally committed to the future of imaging and diagnostics. We continue to strive toward enabling the fastest, most accurate imaging detectors and diagnostic solutions available. We enable complex measurements, novel diagnostics, and data by collaborating with our customers (partners) and providing comprehensive, custom solutions (everything from engineering, training, operating, and on-going support).

Our comprehensive measurement solutions (including various image intensifiers, photodiodes, photomultipliers) have been used successfully in the fields of aerospace, defense, energy, research, and other advanced scientific and research applications.

Sydor Technologies is also the exclusive distributor of Photek products in North America (including image intensifiers, photomultiplier tubes, solar blind detectors, and streak tubes). We have the equipment, the engineering, and the expertise to enable the most sophisticated image detecting and diagnostic solutions available—so you can achieve the fastest, most accurate data and diagnostics possible—even in the most challenging environments and applications.




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