Photon Counting Cameras


Photek products are utilized in the most demanding laboratory applications around the world. Sydor has been the exclusive sales and applications partner for Photek products in North America since Photek’s inception.

3d_hrpcsPhotek photon-counting camera systems are unique as they provide the ability to capture and integrate an image in real time. These systems are ideal for extremely low photon emission applications such as bio-luminescence, chemi-luminescence and weak fluorescence. The ability to accurately analyze transient events is a key feature of this product. The length of time that the image can be integrated is limited only by disc space, and allows the user to fully capture real-time events. X, Y and time co-ordinates for post acquisition analysis is also recorded. X-ray and vacuum imaging camera options are also available.

High Resolution Photon Counting System (HRPCS)
Image Photon Detector (IPD) Camera System

  • 18 mm, 25 mm and 40 mm active diameter
  • UV, visible and NIR responses
  • Extreme sensitivity with single photon counting capabilities
  • Resolution up to 1392 x 1040
  • Frame rate up to 100 Hz
  • Sub-pixel centroiding for enhanced spatial resolution
  • Large format x-ray camera option
  • Analysis of fast optical pulses
  • Cherenkov light detection
  • Fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Particle & Nuclear physics
  • Single photon counting fluorescence
  • Time correlated photon counting

Help with Photon Counting Cameras & Camera Systems
To learn more, or ask questions about integrating Photek photon-counting cameras and camera systems, please call +1 585.278.1168 or email