In 2004, Sydor Instruments (a Sydor Technologies Company) was formed to commercialize novel measurement technologies for mission-critical challenges within the US DOE national laboratories. The company completed a technology transfer of the ROSS streak camera (Rochester Optical Streak System) with the University of Rochester, Laboratory for Laser Energetics. The first facility was opened in Henrietta, New York during this time.

sydor_buildingAs the years progressed, Sydor Instruments continued to develop solutions to complex measurements in the science and research areas, and formed a strategic partnership with Photek Ltd in the UK, to become the exclusive distributor of photo-emissive devices in North America. Sydor Instruments also expanded its sales and applications presence in the UK and France. In 2008, Sydor Instruments received a multi-million dollar contract from the U.K. Ministry of Defense to supply several systems as part of Project Orion, a new research facility in the UK. Subsequently, Sydor Instruments expanded its capabilities and strengthened its focus on aerospace and defense applications by adding new capabilities and additional employees. As a result of continued innovation and rapid expansion, Sydor Instruments was named one of America’s fastest growing companies and was recognized by Inc. Magazine in 2010 and 2011. To accommodate this growth, Sydor Instruments undertook a major facility expansion in Rochester, NY to accommodate the design, production, and testing of its custom diagnostics and imaging systems.

As Sydor Instruments continued to innovate proprietary technology and expand the possibilities, the ROSS Streak Camera was enhanced for use in defense applications with a focus on ballistics, detonics, and energetic materials testing in 2011. Over the next few years, Sydor Instruments entered into additional partnerships with Kentech Instruments and Sabre Ballistics to expand the product portfolio for customers. As growth opportunities continued to develop in defense markets, Sydor Instruments—combined with equipment from Sabre Ballistics—set out to improve accuracy and repeatability of critical ballistics measurements, such as measuring the penetration depth and yaw of a projectile. This collaboration helped expand the capabilities of ballistics measurement and benefited customers of both Sydor Instruments and Sabre Ballistics in over 30 countries around the world. Sydor Instruments continued to innovate and offer customized solutions with superior integration.

The success of this partnership ultimately led to the strategic acquisition of Sabre Ballistics (Caterham, UK) in 2014 and the forming of Sydor Technologies—the new parent company of Sabre Ballistics and Sydor Instruments—to better serve a truly global customer base.

In 2014–15, Sydor Technologies continued its organic growth with the development of a full range of x-ray detection technologies funded by millions of dollars in SBIR grant awards and new technology transfer opportunities with Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Now, Sydor Technologies is uniquely positioned to offer cutting-edge technology and comprehensive, imaging and measurement solutions—for a wide variety of critical applications in energy, defense, and research—to customers worldwide, with an even stronger commitment to corporate growth and future innovation.