Sydor Technologies provides electronics and electro-optic devices to enable high-speed imaging diagnostics, precision measurement, and critical data you need. We also provide engineering, training, and support to meet your needs and comprehensive, integrated solutions as well.
Electronics & Electro-optics for High-speed and Ultrafast Diagnostics

World-class imaging solutions demand world-class electronics and electro-optic devices. That’s why Sydor Technologies provides our own proprietary electronics and electro-optic devices, such as our laser comb generators, and devices from Kentech (as the exclusive distributor in North America).

But electronics and electro-optics aren’t just products. They’re part of the integrated solutions Sydor Technologies can expertly develop to help meet your most demanding and diverse needs for high-speed imaging diagnostics, precision measurement, and critical data.

Enabling High-Speed, and Ultrafast Imaging & Diagnostics

Sydor Technologies takes the guesswork (and hassle) out of selecting and integrating electronics and electro-optics. And we can help determine and develop devices that will best suit your applications and diagnostic needs.

Selection, Engineering, and Support for Electronics & Electro-optic Devices

We also provide guidance in making informed product decisions, product engineering, and support to meet your imaging and diagnostic needs— whether they involve laser-pulse shaping and manipulation, driving gated optical imagers, gated X-ray imagers and X-ray streak cameras, pulsers, arbitrary waveform generators, electronics for lasers or drivers for laser diodes, or other state-of-the-art electronics and electro-optic devices.